Your engine can determine how your car rides and feels behind the wheel. That said, our Hyundai parts experts at Lester Glenn Hyundai of Toms River highly recommend that you understand the nuances between engine types and cylinder-counts before you purchase a vehicle with one of our dealers.

Step into any Hyundai brand vehicle and you’ll be at the helm of an engine with any number of cylinders. From streamlined four-cylinders to roaring V6 engines, each engine is defined by the number of cylinders that power them. Strangely enough, the cylinders in your engine directly relate to what your engine is able to do, and the more cylinders you have, the more power you’ll have at your disposal. An engine with more cylinders, however, is going to burn fuel a whole lot faster than one with a smaller count. So, while a V6 or V8 engine may be capable of some seriously heavy lifting, it’ll never be quite as fuel-efficient as a fuel-sipping four-cylinder.

While many drivers may argue that one kind of cylinder engine is better than another, the truth of the matter is that no particular engine type is better than any other. When it comes to finding the better engine type, it all depends on preference. Some drivers like fuel efficiency and want to save money at the pump; for them, four- or even three-cylinders might do. However, other drivers may find a thrill in performance; for them, a V6 or even a turbocharged four-cylinder might make a good fit.

Whatever engine type you identify with, our team at Lester Glenn Hyundai of Toms River is dedicated to sitting you down in a vehicle that you absolutely love. We offer a plethora of Hyundai cars that are equipped with punchy little four-cylinders and beefy V6 engines. No matter what you expect from our dealership, our goal is to far exceed those expectations.