Seasonal service is important, especially if you live near Jackson, NJ and are preparing for the winter season. At Lester Glenn Hyundai Toms River, we’re no strangers to the cold, and as such our Hyundai service center is fully equipped to not just repair your vehicle, but winterize it as well.

Servicing for the winter means more than just getting an oil change; it also means getting equipment and maintenance that is intended to make driving in poor winter weather easier and safer. One thing we recommend for all of our local New Jersey drivers is to either invest in chains for your tires or purchase a new set of all-weather tires altogether. All-weather tires are going to grip the road much better than your standard tires, especially when we get some snowfall.

We also highly recommend that you pack a survival kit, just in case you find yourself snowed in while out on the road. These survival kits can vary depending on its contents, but it ought to include plenty of blankets, canned non-perishable foods, water, and possibly road flares. These survival kits can go a long way in providing peace of mind when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Last, but far from least, we highly recommend that you swap out the motor fluids in your vehicle. Fluids like motor oil, coolant, and even windshield wiper fluids won’t work as well in cold weather when they aren’t specifically designed to do so. Fortunately, you can get a set of winterized motor fluids here at our service center.

Lester Glenn Hyundai Toms River is your main source for all of your winterizing needs. We are also home to a variety of Hyundai dealers near Jackson, NJ who will answer any auto-related questions you may have. New Jersey winters are hard, which is why you should never go about it alone. Let us help you today!