Believe it or not, we are only a few weeks from the official beginning of spring here in the Brick, NJ area. Now that the temperatures are finally beginning to warm up a bit, it’s time to get your Hyundai car back into top condition. New Jersey winters can take a large toll on the exterior of a vehicle, as well as its performance. Here at our Hyundai service center, our team of mechanics recommends that you bring your vehicle in for a service checkup before the spring comes into full swing. Here are a few things that we’ll take a look at. 

Car Wash: The road salt and grime that go along with the winter can cause a large amount of dirt and debris buildup on your exterior. Besides causing cosmetic issues, this buildup can also lead to rust, damaging the exterior of your Hyundai car.

Fluid Top-Off: The changing of the seasons is also a great time to make sure that your car’s fluids are at adequate levels. First, we’ll check to see if your car has fresh oil, and if not, we’ll perform an oil change. Other fluids that we’ll check and top off, if necessary, include power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant.

Tire Check: The cold temperatures can do a number on your car’s tires. When the temperature rapidly changes, it causes the tire pressure to fluctuate, which can lead to over-inflated or under-inflated tires. Also, we will check to see if your tires are in need of an alignment or rotation after a winter of driving over potholes.

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